About Our Club

Yes, another new Rotary year is upon us...  The past 99 years our Club has accomplished many notable acts of service above self.  As we focus on the road to our 100th anniversary in 2019 and beyond, I believe we need to remain very aware of the traditions, commitments and their stewardship that have been entrusted to us.  Certainly Rotary International has had a helping hand along that journey.
Rotary International continues to grow and strives to serve more.  It is incumbent on our Club to do the same if we are to leave a worthy legacy for the next 100 years.  Goals and objectives; as East Moline-Silvis Rotarians our commitment to ourselves, our fellow Rotarians and Rotary International should place as priorities for our Club to:
    * Strategically align our Club goals and objectives with RI so collectively, as Rotarians, we serve humanity by:
          - Sustainable membership growth
          - Driving service above self
          - Supporting the Rotary Foundation
          - Having fun in the process
    *  Focusing on internal housekeeping, including:
          - Budgeting
          - Governance/Policies & Procedures
These are all very doable however they are not completed by committees or one person.  We have been through the visioning process and have a written plan.  Both are being posted on our website and are available in paper form.  The plan is meaningfully completed only when every East Moline-Silvis member gets involved and contributes.  That's why someone saw in you the ability to selflessly get involved, serve others and invited you to become a Rotarian.  Immerse yourself into the plan because with you, we can accomplish more.